Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sat & sun

hi. i worked on saturday and sunday nights. saturday was fine. it was semi-busy and i made a good amount of money. oddly, i don't remember much of anything about that night. i do know that i was super grouchy when i got off, something extraordinarily annoying happened but i can't remember what it was. i went to my sweetie's house after work and was basically useless. just grouchy and terrible. i was filthy from work, but there was a problem with his shower, where you can't adjust the temperature knobs once you're in the water or you'll get an electric shock. i thought i had the water just right, but once i got in, it ended up being ice-cold. and then i transcended my grouchiness and entered a semi-catatonic state. i felt guilty about my inability to be sweet. we went to sleep.

sunday was super slow but i was in a much better mood. i danced for this gross guy i'll only dance for if it's totally dead and there isn't anyone else. he has halitosis and is extremely grabby, a terrible combo. plus you can't put your tits in his face AT ALL or he'll open-mouth kiss them, and having that foul smelling mouth on my tits makes me feel both sad and murderous. i hadn't danced for this guy in a while, so i had forgotten that he also does this snapping turtle thing with his mouth, kind of an "i'm gonna bit your nipples" threat. it's sick. anyway i decided i'm not going to dance for him ever again, no matter how slow it is. it's just not worth it.

since there weren't any good customers, i mostly hung out in the dressing room reading patti smith's book, "just kids," between stage sets. i ended up making barely more than $100 all night. but at least i didn't have to work too hard for it. and i worked with two girls i like a lot.

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