Tuesday, November 2, 2010

maybe mondays aren't so bad.

i did NOT want to work last night.i was in the wild throes of PMS. bloated little tummy and grouchy personage. i texted a bunch of girls from the club, but nobody would take the shift. so it was with great reluctance and self pity that i dragged myself downtown to prance around naked for strangers.

the club was pretty quiet when i got there and i thought it would stay that way since it was super rainy and windy outside. but eventually there was a decent crowd.

i felt lazy about hustling, but i worked on friday night and barely made any money so i had to try and get it together.

i sat with a super tall business man for a while. he seemed disinterested at first but then started telling me all about his wife, who hasn't had sex with him in THREE YEARS. he was thinking he'd need to start cheating on her soon, but wanted to give her just a few more chances to put out first. i found his loyal restraint to be charming. not charming, however, was the mouth on this guy once he got drunk. he bought 6 dances and started telling me all about his wild sex fantasies, etc. i could kind of see how his wife didn't wanna open up that can of worms.

i did dances for a few random other guys. and then this kid came in who looked a little disheveled but cute. he didn't look like he was there to spend any money, but i went and sat with him anyway because you never know. he just got back from serving in afghanistan, and he ended up wanting ten dances. he was fun to dance for, mellow and polite.

i liked the girls i worked with and i made a good amount of money. it's funny how that can happen even when you feel extremely uncute. or, as TLC says, "unpretty."

hmm what else. oh, right before closing this homeless woman wandered in, disorientedly. she swayed around to the music for a moment with her eyes shut and then when she opened her eyes it was like she was waking up. she looked around and saw that she was in a strip club, so she hurried into the corner, dug around in her purse a bit, and then threw a wadded up dollar bill onstage. when i went downstairs and unfolded that dollar bill, two little pot nuggets fell out of it. good sized little buds, bra. i don't smoke, so i brought them home for my housemate.

today i still feel grouchy. but i don't have to work. and i'm not so broke.

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