Monday, November 22, 2010


i worked saturday evening. it was dead as a doornail. i think everyone was watching football and maybe at the blazers game. i don't know. i made like $125. sorta not worth my time, you know?

a guy came in with two other guys. his friends didn't want to hang out, but he kept trying to get them to stay. he said, "ooh look at this one. she has a nice meaty ass." then he kept saying it different ways but never changing the word meaty. "look at the meaty ass on that one." "this girl's ass is nice and MEATY!" finally i was like, "hey you're being kinda gross. knock it off." he was offended, claimed he had been paying me a compliment. i said, "well how about you pay me some tips instead of compliments." he goes, "you're rude," and then they left. good riddance.

other annoying customers included a husband/wife duo who sat at the rack loudly dirty-talking each other and including me in their wild plans. as in, "yeah and then i'd lick her clit till she was screaming for your cock." NO THANKS.

also a blonde sorority-lookin girl who came in CARRYING HER SHOES a la prom nite 1997 and never tipped even one dollar but screamed "woooooo! i love you!!! you're so cute!!!" what that really means is, "woooo everyone look at me! i have a vagina too!"

i had a stomachache so everybody seemed even more annoying than they probably were. you know how that goes. arrrg.

now i'm down south. just got here this afternoon. i'm hoping to make some $$$ while i'm here. cross your fingers for me!

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