Wednesday, November 24, 2010


i'm down south for thanksgiving and also to work a bit. yesterday a friend of mine texted me to see if i'd do a double with her. it was an old client of mine that i'd referred to her last year because he wanted a lot of domination and i wasn't feeling it, and she's a dominatrix. anyway, he wanted two girls yesterday and happened to ask if i was still around. funny how that worked out since i'm hardly EVER around. so i went over to her place and did that. my friend is just about the best talker i've ever worked with. i mean, seriously, she's just really smart and quick. she talked a blue streak about him being our little pussy man, i did some cbt (cock n ball torture) with a bit of string, we jerked him off and sent him on his way. i love when an hour flies by and the client leaves happy.

after that i went to the apartment for an appointment with a regular. he arrived early and instead of waiting for me to buzz him in, he slipped in with some random tenant and just showed up at the door. this is ANNOYING. there's a specific way we do things, and everybody knows it, so to take it upon yourself to step outside of that and just show up early, knock on the door, and freak everyone out thinking there's a cop or nosy neighbor is just rude and disrespectful. i couldn't just let my client stand out in the hall, though, and i was tempted to send him away but he's been a good client thus far, and he always tips $50. so i let him in. the candles weren't lit. i was wearing a bra and no panties. there was a naked girl in the hallway, and another client in the shower. i dislike this kind of chaos. i wanted to scold him, but i knew he'd have a hard time getting off if he felt shamed so i said, "i'm really glad to see you, but you know how important it is to come at the specific time we've agreed upon. i like to be ready for you. so just wait till i buzz you next time, okay honey?"

other than that the session went fine. he wanted me to pee on him so i put him in the bathtub and he drank a bunch of my pee. he ended up tipping $100 for this pleasure, which was nice.

after that i sat around in the living room catching up with the girls. i really adore them. they are so fucking sweet and cute and tough and smart. and HOT.

then i had an outcall with the guy i write about sometimes who has the fancy chocolates. last night he had this bottle of wine that was the best wine i've ever tasted. it was a "cotes du rhone." whatever that means. delicious. anyway this guy is usually cool except that he talks about other girls i know, A LOT. and last night he was bragging about having slept with this girl i LOVE, who i used to dance with when i first started 8 years ago. she's one of only 2 girls i've kept up with from those days. a total carebear sweetheart. it grossed me out to hear him brag about banging her, mostly because he kept mentioning that her stomach had gotten fat. "wait till you see it," he said, i just felt like, "WHO CARES. look at YOUR stomach, dude!" i don't remember how i changed the subject, but finally he quit talking about her.

after that i went out with my good friend. we had wine and meatballs. i should've just gone home after that but i had all these friends waiting for me at a club so i went and danced and drank more and late-nite snacked and now i feel TERRIBLE.

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  1. be careful - all that wine and snacking will make you Meaty... Love the stories about the sensual massage parlor!