Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i just woke up from the worst dream!

okay first i want to mention that i HATE listening to people tell me about their dreams. i usually JUST DON'T CARE. the swirling details of them drive me nuts! in fact, could you please shut up? unless you're my girlfriend, don't count on me wanting to hear any but most the general summary of your dream.

and yet... this is my blog. so i'ma go ahead with it.

last night i fell asleep watching desperate housewives online, and the girl who plays susan's daughter, julie, looks JUST LIKE this girl i used to dance with. kind of chin-less and not that cute, but a nice smile, pretty hair, and a smokin hot body, complete with perfect tits that look fake but are real.

in my dream, this girl, we'll call her july, got a job working at my old job with the pimpy trolls (how funny is it that the words "dream" and "job" ended up together in that sentence, separated by just 8 other words?), and she mentioned to me that on this one certain day the pimps wouldn't be there so i could come in and look for my flat-iron. 

have i mentioned that in real life my flat iron is missing and that i KNOW that one of the girls must've taken it? i tried to get this girl i know to look for it the day after i got fired, but she was too frazzled because gigi was there controlling her every move. it was a time sensitive matter, i knew that if she didn't find it for me a certain person--KAT--would take it for herself because she always admired it's magic way of smoothing the hair with just one swipe as opposed to cheap ones that take many swipes. plus i had made the mistake of telling her it cost $200.

in the dream, i went to go look for my flat-iron, and while i was there, i decided i may as well take a client or two, which in my dreamland amounted to bringing them into the massage room, taking their money, giving them a hug, and sending them on their way. oh, if only! 

after that i looked around for the flat-iron and miraculously, a certain person had returned it to the place where i had left it. but it was broken. i thought, "maybe i can fix this," and i put it in my purse, which was already spilling over with other things of mine i had found around the house.

i felt happy as i got ready to leave the house. my pockets were full of money and my purse was filled with forgotten treasures and my beloved, probably fix-able, flat-iron. i was thinking, "now i have all my things! i don't EVER have to come back here!"

suddenly, the dream took a turn for the worse.

what's worse than a nanny-cam? a ceiling rafter system for the trolls to hide in. 

i was suddenly aware that they were up there, in the ceiling. i felt terrified and panicked and so i opened the door to make a run for it. they jumped out of the ceiling, and since gigi has health problems, it was up to jane to chase me. she's in pretty terrible shape too, and her legs are VERY short, so even though i was caught off guard by their sneak attack, i was pretty sure i could outrun her. i scrambled out the door and she was right on my heels, but i managed to gain some distance on her when she stopped and bent over to look at something. i peeked over my shoulder, and realized that she had stopped to un-tether a big dog!

"GET 'ER!" she yelled at the dog, and her voice wasn't her usual incongrous baby doll voice, it was thick and deep and scary as hell.

the dog came after me, leaping through the air and snarling. i turned the corner and thought i'd just duck into starbucks but when i looked, starbucks was gone. in its place: a smoking ruin. oh, apocalypse, not today!

i just ran and ran with that dog nipping at my heels. i lost a shoe and my purse was spilling out all over the place but i couldn't stop. it looked like i might get away. and then i woke up.

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