Monday, January 11, 2010

checked out

sky came to visit me for a few days up north and then on saturday we started driving back home. we were with another friend of ours, annie, and we thrift-shopped all the way south. it's a 12 hour drive, but we stopped halfway home and stayed the night with annie's aunt and uncle, a pair of eccentric aging hippies. the aunt is frantic but sweet. the uncle: totally bizarre. it was about midnight when we arrived at their house. they were asleep in bed so we crept in quietly and were enjoying some sleepytime tea when annie's uncle rose from his slumber and marched buck naked through the house to the kitchen, where he hawked several loogies into the sink before returning to his bedroom.

annie was weirded out and embarrassed but seemed to get over it as we all climbed into the great big bed in the aunt & uncle's guest room. sleeping three to a bed sounds like a sweet snuggle fest, but in actuality can be a long night of angles and elbows and snores in your ear. sometime in the night i awoke because i heard a baby crying. it stopped after a while and i went back to sleep.

in the morning, the uncle was up and clothed and making a giant pot of oatmeal. it felt too early to eat and the oatmeal was scorched, but everyone was going along with the idea that the oatmeal was good and that it was time for breakfast. so it just seemed easier to choke down a small bowl of it and get on with my life.

the uncle asked whether we'd heard the baby crying and said that their grandbabies had spent the night. "lulu's just a little snuggle bunny," he said of the older baby, a toddler, and i was grossed out to think of him snuggling naked with a two year-old baby girl. sensitive hippy men take too many liberties. when your baby step-granddaughter is spending the night in your bed, it's time to put on some fucking shorts, dude.

we packed up and visited the local food co-op before leaving town. it's one of my favorites in the whole country, and i've been to food co-ops in at least 30 states, so i can tell you with authority that this one is one of the very best! we loaded up on goodies and got back on the road.

i got a text from a regular when we were almost home so sky dropped me off at work when we pulled into town.

the guy was one i've written about before, an asian bodybuilder who seems kind of grouchy, but isn't. he's just kind of quiet and serious. he's usually polite and very well-groomed which i appreciate.

last night he was suuuper grabby, though, and he wouldn't just relax and let me give him a massage. he had to be touching me the entire time. he paid for a 90 minute session, and even ten minutes in i was thinking, "oh jeez, this is gonna be long."

after a while, he wanted to give me a massage so i put a towel down on the table and layed down on my stomach. he has nice strong hands and the massage felt great at first but then he got on top of me and started caressing my ass roughly, and then rubbing his dick all over me. i was like, "oh you're squishing me, honey, can you hop back down and work on my legs a bit." he didn't hop down right away. he stopped rubbing his dick on me and paused for a long minute. he had me pinned and was breathing heavily onto my back, and i thought, "oh great. this is gonna be the day where i get raped. and what could i even do about it? it's not like i could call the cops." i was forming a plan of vigilante justice when something clicked and the long moment of potential-rape pause ended. he got down off the table and massaged my legs a bit and then kept trying to give me a rim job so i got off the table and said, "wow that was great, thanks," and said i wanted to focus on him again.

after that i felt kind of out of my body, the way i would when i was a kid getting beat up. i'd go a little bit far away and just wait for it to be over, but as the years went by it became harder and harder to get all the way back in. i'd be almost there but not all the way, kind of like when you try to put on gloves that are too tight and you can't squeeze your fingers all the way down into the fingers of the gloves. i'd sometimes throw myself onto the grass or take an ice-cold shower. something that would snap me back so that my fingers would fit back into my fingers and if i touched my face i could feel it.

i finished up with my client and took a shower. as i walked to sky's, i decided i didn't want to see that guy again so i put a "no" in front of his name in my phone.

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