Saturday, January 16, 2010


well i'm back up north now. i worked today at my new club. it was slow at first, but then it really picked up. this lonesome coked out frat boy came in and kept trying to "make it rain" with dollars, but he couldn't get it right so he kept trying. that was funny and lucrative. i knew i could've probably sold him a million lapdances but his energy, though entertaining, was also a bit creepy and i didn't want to touch him. so i just let him keep tossing down those ones.

a short chubby businessman came in and i put him in a trance. he bought four lapdances and i think he ended up cumming in his pants. he smelled strongly of pizza which might sound gross, but wasn't altogether unpleasant.

another guy came in with a overflowing shopping bag from diesel. clearly money to burn: my kind of customer!

my twin sister used to work at a restaurant down the block, and the cooks from there came in today. they tipped me a lot for being her sister. they kept saying how trippy it was that we look exactly the same. i texted my sister, "cooks from sushi are here. tipping wildly, they miss you." she texted back, "they always fantasized about seeing me naked, now they have a close approximation. haha."

i ended up leaving with $275 after tipping out. not bad for an early afternoon shift at a small town strip club. i'm working again tomorrow and the next day. gonna finally get these teeth fixed!

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