Tuesday, January 19, 2010

money, honey

i picked up a shift yesterday and then worked again today. i'm totally beat, but i've made a lot of money. yesterday it started out slow and then got super busy for a bit. the other girl who was working didn't ask anybody for a lapdance all day, so i kind of had the place to myself in that regard. there were never more than two or three customers at a time all day long, but i still left with a little over $300.

today i worked with this girl who was incredibly wacky. first of all, she was wearing a wig. and glasses. and she had a vintage apron on, and a bunch of old-timey kitchen implements that she was using as props. it was totally bizarre and not at all sexy. but she made friends with this lonesome drunk who ended up staying all day long. he had just returned from a trip to san francisco, he got off the plane at 11am and headed directly to the strip club. i think he wasn't ready for his vacation to be over.
he was the only customer for almost the whole day, but he was tipping us each like $5 per song, which does add up.

about halfway through the day, the guy disappeared for a bit and then returned with two young gutterpunk homeless girls. they were girlfriends. the guy had a tab and they all got waaaaasted together with my co-worker. the girls were having a really good time. one of them said (while munching fries on the guy's tab), "this is the best day we've had in a really long time," and i thought that was sweet. i could see the day becoming a story in their shared history. "the time it was raining and we were down out and that dude got us wasted and bought us lapdances. he had a tab--we could order whatever we wanted!"

a tall, good-looking romanian guy came in. he was reserved, but i got him to sit at the tip rail. i said, "how are you?" he said, "i have some money to waste today." i told him i could help him with that and led him to the table-dancing nook. it's in the corner behind the poker machines and has a regular curtain and a hanging bead curtain, so people can't see you. you're not supposed to have any contact with the clients, but i think that's totally insane. i don't even know what the point would be. so i just do the dances the way i've always done them: somewhat nasty.

the romanian guy bought two dances, and when they were through he said they were the best lapdances he's ever had and he gave me a $100 tip!!!

another random guy came in and i gave him some dances. by the end of the day my dogs were BARKING and i was ready to get the hell out of there with my $350. woot woot.


  1. your blog makes my day.
    keep bringing home dollars!

  2. wow! my second comment ever. thanks njg. xoxoxoxo