Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh-ho-ho the nightshift

i was dubious about working a nightshift at my new club since the days have been going so well for me there. i was worried that i wouldn't be able to stay awake. and i was worried that i wouldn't be able to sell very many dances because people go out in groups at night, whereas during the day there are lots of lonesome guys out by themselves who are just ripe for the picking. also there are three girls working at night instead of two, but there's only one lapdance nook so i worried that i wouldn't get to use it very much.

well. i drank a cup of coffee before work and then i DID totally stay awake. and the girls i was working with didn't really hustle very much for dances, so i got to use the nook whenever i needed it, which was plenty. all in all, tonight was pretty great and after i tipped out and took a cab home i made $325.

the best thing that happened tonight was i met a guy who is a sports writer for the NBA. he asked me whether i was a blazers fan, i said "YES!" and he said he'd get me tickets for wednesday's game against utah. i felt like, "yeah right," but then he gave me his business card and told me to call him tomorrow for the tickets. i told him i was going to take my 12 year-old brother, so not to fuck around with me because he'd be breaking a little kid's heart. he insisted that it was a done deal. he seemed really sincere. i'll let you know what happens with that. i was in a great mood after that, by the way.

i was feeling super bloated and chubby today before work. i tried not to eat a lot today so maybe my stomach would stop sticking out, but the fact of the matter is that i get hungry. all day long, i just keep getting hungry and i'm not able to NOT EAT like i used to. i barely used to eat anything and i was so soooo skinny (like 99lbs) but the older i get, the more i feel like life is too short to be hungry and lethargic. anyway the point here is that even though i felt like a moose, nobody else seemed to notice. in fact, i had one guy who bought four dances, and he kept saying how pretty my hair was and how much he loved my miniature potbelly. i rubbed my little belly all over him and he could not get enough of it! at the end of each song, he'd stuff another twenty in my g-string and go, "one more, okay?" then eventually i had to get back onstage, otherwise who knows--maybe he would've wanted my belly on him all night.

there was a really good-looking couple who came in. they sat a row back from the tip rail and every so often the lady would come and drop off some dollars for me. they were really really into me and after a while the guy bought a dance for the lady. i told the guy he could come watch if he wanted, but the lady wanted it to be just her and me so i took her back to the little nook. i'll tell you what: this lady was way grabbier than any guy i've danced for (well except for a few, like the UPS driver who put his thumb in my ass and wouldn't take it out till i screamed my head off for the bouncer). she kept trying to slip her fingers into my panties, and kiss me on the mouth. she was a super pretty lady, but not at all my type and she was so drunk she could barely stand up. plus, she was making orgasmic noises straight out of a porno and it was suuuper turning me off. so. i just tried to get through the dance without incidence. it was hard, though, and annoying. at the end she begged me (literally) for just one lick of my pussy. i barely let my GIRLFRIENDS go down on me, no fucking way was i gonna let some porny stranger. it was awkward, though--she was overly bummed out.

i had a really good night with my hair and makeup, if i do say so. i had a little gaggle of vacationing texans who kept telling me i was the hottest girl next door ever. they were great tippers and good for ye olde self esteem, as well.

now i'm home. so tired, i hope i can sleep well. i've been waking up too early and then not being able to get back to sleep. wish me luck on that one. xo andi.

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