Monday, January 11, 2010


today i had my little haruki murakami guy. not only does he look like haruki murakami, but he brought me "norwegian wood" as a gift once, so i always associate him with my favorite author. he's really polite and clean, and he only ever wants a half-hour session but pays for an hour.

that was my only client. all day.

when it started to look like i wasn't gonna get any more appointments, i gathered up my things to leave and my co-worker said, "where are you going?"

"to a yoga class," i said.

"oh! you're gonna start working THAT off finally," she said, giving me a playful poke in the gut.

my belly has gotten a bit round, it's true. it's not super fat or anything, i mean i'm still in good shape. but it definitely sticks out in a way i'm not used to, and has been muffin-topping over my pants. i don't like being picked on about my body, though.

"haha," i said, but didn't laugh.

"i'm only kidding," she said, "look at MINE!" she puffed her belly out as big as she could. then i could laugh. she's such a cute little thing.

i went to yoga. it was long. now i'm at sky's. writing this to you. goodnight.

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