Saturday, July 10, 2010


i think i've mentioned before that i very much dislike when anyone i'm not dating tells me their dream. i feel like, "go tell your girlfiriend." if you are like me and can only tolerate lengthy dream-telling from someone to whom you are romantically obliged, then stop reading right now, my feelings won't be hurt.

i just woke up from THE worst dream. in the dream my mom has moved to some seaside town that looks a lot like manzanita, oregon. i'm there living with her temporarily, and my friend sky comes to visit.

well i have made the poor choice of going on some dates with a client, this greek guy with a thick accent and a bad temper. in real life, he's asked me out a few of times and the last time when i said no he told me i was making a big mistake and then he kicked the massage table on his way out. i have him on my "no" list now, and whenever i see that he's calling (which is hardly ever, thankfully) i feel nervous and scared.

okay. in the dream i had gone on two dates with him. not sure why. sky was visiting me and i was so happy, i'd missed him so much. we were sitting down to dinner at my mom's house, when this guy shows up uninvited. my mom had met him and thought he was great, ignoring me when i told her i wished i'd never gone out with him because now i was scared of him and he told me things like, "you're never gonna find another man like me. if you break up with me you'll be sorry." in real life, i can't tell her stories where i get my feelings hurt by someone i'm dating, because she is never ever on my side and will always tell me i should apologize and be careful not to make the person break up with me.

so when this scary guy shows up, she invites him in and has him sit down at the table with us for dinner. he's giving me scary looks and i'm just hoping he'll leave after dinner because i want to hang out with sky.

after dinner he doesn't leave. just hangs around forever being intimidating. finally he takes a long bathroom break. i grab sky and we sneak out the side door of my mom's house. we decide to go stay in the town's hotel, but the only way we can get there without this guy seeing us from my mom's window is to cut through the woods and then crawl on our bellies along the beach. the hotel is on the beach.

so we do this, and while we're walking through the woods we agree that that guy is a scary psychopath and i need to escape to texas with sky if i want any rest. we also talk about how fun it's gonna be to have a hotel room tonight. i'm feeling not scared anymore, but more like i'm on a fun romantic adventure.

we get to the hotel and we're laughing and happy. sky opens the door to our room, and i notice that there are all these greek guys hanging out in the room next door to ours, their door's open and they are watching us and sharpening their knives with flint. i become terrified and tell sky not to open the door, but he's already got it open and the scary guy is inside. he grabs sky by the neck and starts choking him and laughing. he's got some weird mallet-type weapon in his hand and he's hitting sky with it. i'm screaming and screaming and one of the guys from the room next door comes and starts choking me, too.

i wake up and there are tears all over my face. i feel shakey and sleepy, but scared to go back to sleep. i feel so sad, like deep in my belly sad. but i know it's not real, nobody choked my sweet buddy sky. he's okay. things are okay.

god it's hot. gonna go downstairs and lay on the couch. i can't sleep in here after that dream.


  1. Ack! That sounds really scary! I normally skip over lengthy descriptions of dreams, but yours was well written like an actual story so it was interesting to read!

  2. That's the most fucked up dream. I have crazy dreams but usually I don't go through that kind of stuff in them. I dig your blog, btw.