Monday, July 5, 2010

home again

hi again. i flew back to portland on saturday and hung out for a bit and then went to work. i felt a little out of sorts but the night ended up being fun, almost like being at a party and getting paid for it. i like nights like that. there were a lot of nice guys and i liked the girls i was working with. i had some hot lovin before work and that put me in a pretty good mood. and also some coffee that was VERY STRONG (made by a non-coffee-drinker who was guestimating the proportions), which surprisingly didn't put me on edge, but instead woke me up in a way that felt pleasant and bestowed upon me a wild happy alertness.

another good thing was that i had new white shoes that i'd been saving for a decent shift, and i busted them out on saturday along with a new white g-string bikini. i wore a little mesh crop top over it and the bikini looked truly good shining out from under that tiny jersey. i sure do love a black light.

nothing too interesting to tell you. when things go well, they can be boring to read about. i made $600, which in portland bucks feels like even more. then i went and crawled into bed with a cute person who has a dark room and i was actually able to sleep till almost noon, which i'm very rarely able to do because my own bedroom is very bright in the morning. but this room was dark enough that i just slept and slept and i didn't feel all tired and cracked out the way i usually do the day after working super late.

the next day was the fourth of july, or the F of J as my housemate's ex-girlfriend kept saying. i didn' t get any hamburgers or hotdogs. but i did get to watch fireworks from the burnside bridge. that was pretty great. on our way off the bridge, there was a big dorky guy wearing an awesome vintage t-shirt that said something like "fantasy cabaret. male dancers," and had a picture of a beefcake fabio-type dude. i said, "wow rad shirt. too bad you have to take it off as soon as you get to work."

he goes, "what do you mean?"

quick jokes aren't funny if you have to explain them but i said, "well, if you're a male stripper at the fantasy cabaret, you'll have to STRIP out of your shirt when you get to work."

he goes, "oh! i get it! haha. wow i WISH i was a stripper. can you imagine just getting paid to dance all night? that would be so rad, don't you think?"

"yeah," i agreed. "it would be totally rad."

sometimes, it really is.

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