Thursday, July 22, 2010

survival instincts

yesterday was the slowest, longest day ever. i think i say that a lot, but in this case it's even MORE TRUE than usual. there were very few customers. never more than two or three at a time. somehow, i was in a good mood, though. i think i just didn't care. i was still feeling all blissed out from my camping trip. i did a couple dances for a guy named ahmed, he smelled like fancy cologne and was kinda grabby but not terrible. those were the only dances i did all day, as he was one of the only customers who came in.

i'm not going to work dayshifts anymore. i don't know why i keep making myself available to do so. i'd rather NOT work than work during the day when it's hot out.

since i wasn't busy, i just lolled around onstage to whatever random song i wanted to hear. and i made final revisions on my desert island food list.

on the way back from camping in california, we played car game where you pick the ten food or food items you'd bring if you were going to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life. here's what i decided on:

1. an orange tree. i don't want to get scurvy, plus i like orange juice.
2. chickens! i could eat their eggs.
3. oats. i'd have an oat-field? i wanted a grain, and oatmeal is so high in fiber, and i could make granola and oat-milk.
4. onions.
5. honeybees.
6. avocado tree.
7. broccoli. natures colon toothbrush.
8. an almond tree.
9. blueberry patch.
10. lentils! so high in iron. and protein. and also i could dry them out real nice and grind them up, ferment them, and make dosa quickbread/crepes.

and i'd have salt from the sea, also fresh fish. i bet the island would have a mango tree. and probably bananas. and a coconut tree. i could use coconut oil for cooking, drink coconut water, and make things with coconut milk.

you're probably thinking about things i've overlooked. it's okay because i'm not really going to be stuck on an island.

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