Wednesday, July 28, 2010

red rage, then snuggle timez

yesterday i worked and aunt flo had come to visit. she was taking up a lot of space and making me cranky. i don't like bleeding at work. especially when it's so gushy i can barely change my tampon fast enough.

did you know regular tampons are made from polyester and a tiny bit of cotton, and have little shards of fiberglass in them and bleach? i'm not into shoving that kind of stuff up my cooch, so i only use organic cotton tampons, which i usually stock up on from the free basket in the new seasons bathroom. but i didn't have time to visit the one new seasons with free tampons this go around and so i had to buy a box yesterday at whole foods. do you know that it's almost nine dollars for a box of 16 organic tampons? WHAT THE FUCK? if tampons were something dudes needed to sop up the biohazard that gushed out of them each month, you KNOW they'd be free. they'd just come in the mail every month, free of charge, more than you even needed.

annnnnyway work was slow. again. i forgot my book. so i was bored. my hair looked really good, though, and the girl i was working with had the most charming southern accent.

after work i biked to my sweetheart's house. i tried going over the pedestrian platform on the steel bridge but the gate was busted. AGAIN. i flew into a rage, yelling profanities as i lugged my bike up the stairs up to the bridge platform. i don't know who i AM when i get mad like that. like: really? am i really so angry about the city of portland neglecting the gate on their pedestrian bridge that i'm going to curse them out at top volume all the way up three flights of stairs? actually, now that i write it out it seems less crazy that i would get so mad. those stupid assholes should really should fix that fucking motherfucking gate, goddamn it. YOU try getting off your lazy ass and hauling your bike up all these stairs and THEN we'll see who's laughing. huh.

yelling and carrying on all the way across the bridge was pretty cathartic and when i finally got to my sweetie's house, i was a mellow lump who just wanted to be fed a snack and then hugged and kissed to sleep. i'm lucky to know a cute person who will do that sometimes for me. zzzzzzz


  1. Which new seasons has the free tampons?

  2. it's the one on interstate. SHHHH. also the one in beaverton.

  3. That's great news! I go to the one in Beaverton like every other day (I work in Beaverton). Your secret is safe with me, Andi!