Friday, July 2, 2010


well, today was my last day down here for a while and i had hoped to work all day long, but i only saw one client. he was nice, a big blonde guy. oohed and ahhed to excess, i thought he was kidding at first. but turns out he was just enjoying himself and the sound of his own voice. i didn't mind. i like when people are happy.

so. tomorrow i go back up to portland. i'm pretty excited, although i will miss my solo abode here. i really like having a lot of time and space to myself. my subletter is returning tomorrow and that makes me a little sad because he's a slob and my apartment is such a cozy little palace. i hate to think of him eating dollar store food in my bed (he does this, btw! i know!). when i first got back here, i went to use a glass and it was filthy. and so i was going to wash it and there wasn't even a sponge! wtf. so gross. so i cleaned everything all nice and now he'll just grime it up again. oh well, he's moving out at the end of next month. and then: who can be sure what will happen.

i have a stomachache today, i mean i do almost always lately, but today's is particularly yucky feeling. plus my head hurts in a pressure-y way that feels worrysome to me. i don't want to be getting sick because i finally get to see someone cute tomorrow and possibly/probably get laid for the first time in TWO WEEKS. can't be sick! CAN'T BE SICK! cross your fingers for me, will ya?

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