Monday, July 26, 2010

nom nom nom

i worked on saturday night. it was fun and lucrative. some friends of mine came in and that was strange but also rad. i had to pretend they weren't there otherwise i felt nervous. i sat down with them for a minute and had a cocktail. they said "why don't we come back when you're getting off so we can go to the fry cart?" i loved having that to look forward to for the rest of the night.

i ended up getting pretty drunk with my co-worker and some loggers. a good time was had by all.

it was so hot at work that i kept having to flat-iron my bangs over and over all night. they'd get sweaty and then scrunch up into unflattering curls. i dislike curly bangs. i also used A LOT of baby wipes over the course of the evening, owing to the fact that i was sweating like a pig.

then my friends came back and we went to the fry cart. i ordered a mini, but the fry guy told me i was too cute for a mini and gave me this giant thing of fries instead. sometimes people think they're doing you a favor when they're not. they were really fucking tasty, though. they have all these different sauces and ketchups you can choose. in line for fries, i ran into a girl i've known for many, many years but never really been too close of friends with. she was also just getting off work stripping. she goes, "hi! i made so much money tonight!" i knew i was supposed to say, "me too," so then she could say "how much?" and i could say, "$450," and then she could claim to have made a lot more than that. but i didn't take the bait. i just said, "that's great. what sauce are you getting?" she seemed annoyed. "poutine." she said.

after that i just came home and went to bed.

if you think of something interesting for me to write about, please do let me know via comment. i don't WANT to be this boring.


  1. You are not boring. I love when you write a new post!

  2. oh honey, thanks. xoxoxoxooxxoxo