Friday, August 28, 2009

back again.

today was my first day back to work after being on vacation for almost two weeks. i loved not working.

i woke up early and posted my ad. someone called for an 11am appointment so i got up to the house around 10:20. this girl yala was there. she's definitely the shadiest girl who works there. she is very rarely on the schedule, just does appointments under the cover of night or else super early in the morning. i don't care what she does, but today she fucked up my game. when you're actually ON the schedule, you're supposed to have priority when it comes to booking a room. but when i got up to the house angie had an 11am in the book, and yala had one at 10:50 that she hadn't bothered to write down. i was like, "oh shit. what are we gonna do?" she was extreme about not being willing to call her guy or reschedule or anything so i ASSUMED that she must be on the schedule.

i called my guy to tell him not to come, but he didn't answer so i left a message. he didn't get it and showed up anyway. he was annoyed.

well then i found out that yala wasn't even ON the schedule. i was fucking pissed. what a shady little fucker. and on top of it, she still didn't bother to write down her appointment.

so. then here comes jane. fuck. really?

she was there ALL DAY. what a day. the sound of her voice, as i think i've mentioned, is like nails on a chalkboard. and she Never. Stops. Talking.

fortunately, i had my computer with me and i put on headphones and listened to music and also watched news reports. i'm obsessed with the story about the girl who was recently found alive after being kidnapped 18 years ago. she has two kids! she had them when she was 14 and 16! she lived in a tent for 18 years and so did her daughters! the daughters were born at home and all they know of the whole world is their little tent compound. it's crazy! i can't even get my head around it.

yeah. so other than that it was a very very annoying day.

the only thing that wasn't annoying besides watching internet television, were my clients. i had two and they were both nice, well-groomed, polite. both were super in-shape and good looking, actually. it was a lucky day in that way.

now i'm home. listening to a cd a friend gave me of a band called, "lovers." it's so good but a little distracting to listen to when i'm trying to write.

it's so warm today. a warm NIGHT, actually, which almost never ever happens in this chilly little city where i live. usually even when it's warm during the day, a freezing cold blanket of fog will roll in around 5pm. this warm night makes me wish i had someone to hang out with, or something fun to do tonight. i'm hardly ever lonesome, i love spending time alone. but once in a while i feel it. like tonight. oh ho hum.

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