Friday, August 7, 2009

i'm back.

hi there. i'm back. my boss, gigi, hacked into my email account and i got scared that she'd maybe seen something about my blog so i erased it in a rush. but i dunno, i feel like the storm has passed. i wish i could think of a new name for this blog just in case, but i'm not having any good ideas. hmm... if you think of something, please leave me a comment.

speaking of comments--does anyone even read this thing?

anyway: hi! i've really missed keeping a blog. it makes my workdays go by SO much faster. and also, weird or annoying things that happen feel so much less weird/annoying if i get to write about them.

this week has been the world's slowest week. on monday, jane (aka "crazy pimp #2") was there ALL DAY. i've told you how terribly exhausting her very presence is. the constant talking, the annoying prattle, the invasive questions, the insane micro-managing. she's terrible. her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. her giggle is even worse. she'll get on the phone with clients and giggle and flirt and it makes me want to vomit. and i only had ONE client all day, which meant i had tons and tons of time to sit on the lumpy couch and be talked at. terrible. just terrible.

wednesday was slow, as well. but at least i worked with angie. this other girl worked with us, too, who is new and large-chested. she had one room booked all day long, which left angie and i to jockey over the second room all day. i hate it when they book jenna or this new girl, sarah, and then two other girls. on their days, there should just be one other girl. anyway this girl sarah is nice enough, but she has this way about her that can get annoying. it's a little bit hard to describe. ...i can't think of how to put it. i'll wait for her to get on my nerves again and write about it then.

today was friday. i worked AGAIN. and i only had two clients, both new. the first one was HOT. like really really bizarrely hot. he was well dressed and super clean, and he had a really nice body. tall and lean but not skinny. his skin was smooth and he smelled good. he was super receptive and fun to massage and when i turned him over his cock was HUGE. i don't even sleep with guys, but i was attracted to that huge smooth cock. you could make a dildo mold with that thing. it was hard to get a handle on it, definitely a two-hand job. i think this guy was my first work-crush. i've had a lot of hot guys come in, but there was something about this guy that i really liked.

the other client was cute, too, and very polite. he was hairy but not gross. i liked him a lot and when i was jerking him off he wanted to have some mutual masturbation and it's hit or miss with me, most times i'm not that into it. but he was clean and nice and i felt like, oh why not. i didn't come but pretended to, hoping it would make him come faster. it didn't make him come faster, he took forever and i'm telling you---my arm's STILL tired. repetitive stress is no joke--ouch!

now i'm home. i met up with sky at the gym after work but i felt too tired to work out at all so i went and laid down on a mat till she was done running. then we walked home together and i realized there was no way i could go to this party she's going to tonight. i just felt like i could barely walk my body home, let alone figure out an outfit and go be around people and try to have a personality. i hope i'm not getting sick. i'm very very extremely pooped.

goodnight. xo andi

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