Tuesday, September 29, 2009

comfy couches, cute girls, a chef, and a saxophonist.

i started working at a new spot today. i like it a lot so far. first of all, they have REAL COUCHES. which may seem like a small thing, but is actually a huge thing. as i sunk into the big soft couch, waiting for my client, i had the overwhelmingly amazing feeling of never having to sit on those lumpy trolls' couches ever again. i felt so happy and free.

second of all, the girl who runs this new spot, gia, is really nice. she allows you come and go as you please, you just have to check in and see if a room is available when you need it. kind of great. and the place is clean. and there's a giant wall of movies you can watch. i'm gonna bring my computer and headphones tomorrow and just kick it between clients.

all these things are rad, but the truly great thing is that gia has this SUPER HOT butchdyke bff who helps her run the place. OMG this girl is fine.

today i had an appointment at 4 and one at 6:30. at the old spot, i would've had to get there at 10:30am and just fucking sit there for four and a half hours till my first appointment, and then leave around 8. being there for 9.5 hours would just be miserable and exhausting and fill my life with dread. but instead, i hung out in my house doing things and enjoying my day until 3, then i left. got up to the place at 3:30, put on makeup and whatnot. i ended up leaving a little before 8, for a total of a little over 4 hours. so much better!!!!!!!

my first client was my regular who is a chef. he's so nice! i like him a lot. he didn't smell like onions today. or garlic. or any kind of food, actually. he just smelled like some kind of pleasant cologne.

and then i just sat around reading for an hour until my next guy. remember i wrote about that guy who was a saxophonist? i think i said i didn't ever want to see him again. but i forgot to save him as a "no" in my phone, and when he called me today i couldn't remember anything about him. so i ended up seeing him this evening by accident. but now i'm glad i did. he was really vocal and crazy, but i think i like him anyway. he's just really really bizarre. he's easy to please, though, and it's kind of nice for someone to truly enjoy themselves on your massage table, even if they are a total and complete freak about it. he brought his own music again, which was weird but nice: mystical persian jazz. both times this guy has come dressed the same way: light beige-ish khaki pants, off-white t-shirt, and dark blazer. dorky but tidy. today he was wearing THE BEST t-shirt: it was a caterpillar in the shape of a question mark, and then on the back was a giant butterfly. charming and cute. i really wish this guy wouldn't make so many tiger noises, though.

i'm working again tomorrow. i gotta catch up on my finances. one of the girls came in to work today with a couple big shopping bags of new clothes. it was inspiring. this is the kind of job where you should be able to afford to go shopping sometimes. it's gonna get that way for me soon. oh, yes.

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