Saturday, September 5, 2009

the saxophonist and the wrestler.

oh, i forgot. the other day when it was slow i did finally get two clients and i wanted to write about them because they were both totally bizarre.

the first one brought his own music, which was the first sign that he was going to be interesting. it was world/jazz/new age music. hard to describe, but i really liked it a lot. the guy was super in-shape. i asked him whether he was a yoga enthusiast. as soon as i said that, i decided that he was actually the kind of guy to do tai-chi, not yoga. he said, "nope. tai chi." and i could TOTALLY picture him, shirtless, in a crowded park practicing tai chi and emitting wild new age sexual vibes next to the playground.

so. i did the massage. he talked a lot about being a saxophonist, about all the different world beats he enjoyed, about going out dancing a lot (hard to picture him in a club). and then came the time for flipping him over and getting down to business. he started moaning from the second i touched his cock and then was, like, sing-moaning the whole time. it was So Gross. he was kind of doing this conducting thing with his hands for a while there. also he did this tiger thing where he roared and batted at me with his "paws."  when he came (at long last) he pretended that it lasted for like six entire minutes. seriously. he kept going through the whole rigamarole of experiencing an extended orgasm, and then calming down, and then being wholly surprised by a giant aftershock, which he'd surf loudly before starting the whole who-ha over again. and he was still intermittently being the tiger. i knew he wanted me to keep my hands on him, go through this charade with him but i wasn't up for it. i washed my hands, put my dress on, drank a glass of water. finally he decided it was time to like back, spent, and talk about how great that was. i said "yes that was fantastic. i'm starting a shower for you now."

the next client was super nice. jumpy at first, though, which freaks me out a bit. i'm like LIE DOWN. anyway he was a big beefcake with a super thick michigan accent. his shoulders were all fucked up because of his WRESTLING hobby. how strange and cute. i thought this guy was just kind of a big hunky dum-dum, but then he started talking about how he got interested in wrestling as a way to let off steam while he was working on his phD. it's funny how super-smart people can seem really dumb sometimes. maybe he'd just learned how to take the slow road. anyway when it came time to jerk him off, his cock got HUGE. i'm telling you it was one of THE MOST GIGANTIC cocks i've ever seen in my life (and i have, as you can imagine, seen many). it was freakishly huge. like B I G. he was very responsive and easy to get off. nice guy. the interesting thing was how he talked about wrestling, although now i can't remember what he was saying. sorry.

okay that's all. back to my days off!

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