Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i'm at work today and jane's here again. i think she's going to be here a lot now, which fills me with dread. 

everything she does gets on my nerves. her need for constant interaction. her bossy micro-managing. the smacky chewing sounds she makes when she's eating her bagel and cream cheese. the way she always complains about having a stomachache after her bagel and proclaims that she's gonna stop eating gluten and dairy. her excessive throat-clearing. her too-loud voice. the way she talks through her yawns. in fact, even her face totally makes me uncomfortable.

i'm trying to start over with her in my mind, like give her a fresh start so that i don't cringe when i look at her or hear her voice. i don't know if it's going to work. i tried that with my step-dad when i was in high school but he kept doing things to wreck it so the whole project failed miserably. i went to college and never saw him again until a couple of months ago at my brother's wedding. i tried to be generous with him but i found him almost as annoying as i had as a kid. but maybe, maybe with jane it will be different? maybe there is a reset button that i can press to spare myself from the terrible feelings of SUPREME ANNOYANCE i feel when she's around. i'll let you know how it goes. i actually decided to press "reset" with her, and then she asked me to unload the dishwasher and micro-managed the folding of the clean towels so i had to press it again.

i have a feeling i'm gonna have to just keep on pressing that button all day. like the button on "LOST." haha.

oh, man: lily got fired. she got caught taking appointments without writing them down and when gigi came in to yell at her about it she also found condoms in the garbage. it wasn't so much the condoms, because i don't think gigi cares WHAT you do as long as you're making her money. but getting caught taking appointments without paying the house is obviously the quickest way to get fired around here.

so. bummer about lily. what's also a bummer is that they told everyone else that she was fired before they told her. that's pretty shitty.

omg. so. i'm sitting here right this minute trying to write and here comes jane. she just went to the bathroom and could hear music from the massage room upstairs. she goes, "Oh My God." and that of course, makes you have to say, "what?"

she goes, "there's just this certain songs, you know...," (launching into long story here, i wish there was a way to avoid it. please shut up please shut up) "there are just certain songs that are just really meaningful with me and my boyfriend. like these two enigma songs, and i just heard one of them coming from upstairs. and it's just like, whoa, you know?"

"out of context?" i offer.

"yeahhhh. i guess that's what it is."

and then as luck would have it, she actually left it at that and stopped talking. thank you, jane. thank you very much. see now? was that so hard.

gigi's been hassling me about getting new pictures so i told her i was having a photo shoot when i was on vacation in my hometown, and then when i got back she wanted the pictures but of course i didn't have them since there wasn't really a photoshoot.  so sky came over last night and took some pictures of me. they turned out pretty cute, actually. i'll show you this one because you can't see my face at all and you know, i want this blog to be kinda anonymous. :)
the other ones were WAY CUTE, though. and still my phone hasn't rang at all today. it's so weird how that happens sometimes. oh ho hum.

time for my mantra: money is attracted to me. money can't wait to get in my pockets. money wants to hang out in my louis vuitton purse. money wants to have hot sex with me.

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  1. This picture would be enough to inspire ME to make a phone call. If you were close to me (Springfield, MA), and if I didn't think I would be wierded out have a session with you and knowing what I have read about how you think about your customers.
    You have such a great ass, and you look so sexy from the back.