Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sometimes it's a lot of work.

today i worked with kat. i still find her to be incredibly sexy, although i think my crush on her is through. which is a relief because it was making me feel kind of sleazy.

i had two clients. the first one was an old white-haired gentleman we'll call Don. when i opened the door, i thought, "oh great." i don't mean to generalize, but it really seems like a lot of guys over 50 or so just have the world's hairiest bodies and the most unkempt pubic regions EVER. this guy turned out to be no exception. he was 70 if he was a day, and when he laid down on the table, i COULD NOT BELIEVE how hairy his back was. i've never seen anything like it. i mean, i have--but just random guys at the beach or whatever, not guys i have to TOUCH! to say that i was repulsed would be an understatement.

but what was there to do but just try and get through the hour? the first few minutes, i just thought "i can't do this! i can't DO this!" but i just tried not to think about it. and i did get through it. the guy was so nice and polite and genuinely pleasant that i actually stopped being grossed out after a bit. and the good thing about him was that even though his back was as hairy as an ape, his pubic hair was neatly trimmed. also he was easy to get off. also: he tipped me $60! what a sweetie.

after that i sat around for a million hours watching "medium" online on my computer. and then finally i saw this regular of mine, allen. i don't ever see him during the day, only at night after everyone's gone. i don't ever write him down in the book. he's so much work i'd never see him if i didn't get to keep the entire amount. it just wouldn't be worth it for $110 (or $100, depending on whether i'm running a special).

so. allen. i actually decided this evening that this was our last session together. he's just too much work.

allen's this stocky korean guy. he's 34. he's in really good shape and could easily get a girlfriend if he wasn't so busy at work. i used to really like him, but today i came to the end of my rope with him. he's always trying to get me to let him go down on me, or asking me if i'll blow him, or trying to get me to let him "thigh fuck" me (BARF). i have told him repeatedly that i'm just not into it, it's not my jam, never gonna happen, etc. i am sick of him asking.

but the thing about him that i really can't deal with is that he just takes FOR-EVER to get off. and even though he always goes over-time, he never tips. most guys don't tip and it's totally fine, but this guy is so much more work than everyone else, and he takes more time. so he should know to tip. also he's too sentimental. he's always saying he likes me so much. it freaks me out a little. anyway, i don't want to deal with the monotonous dread of having to jerk him off again. ever. we're through!

and now i'm home. drinking a glass of wine and writing this to you. good night!

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