Saturday, September 12, 2009


it was miserably slow all day. sally didn't even have one client, kat had one, and i had one.

my client was a regular. he's really sweet except that he's always trying to get me to let him go down on me. i can't deal. i don't want any dude mouths on my pussy. i've been very clear with him that it's just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. EVER. but still he persists in asking in this whiney way that makes me want to hit him. other than that, i like him okay, though.

jane's got the idea that we're all a bunch of unskilled laborers around here and that's why it's been so slow. she's been sitting around the house giving us lectures on various topics, i tried to think of examples just now but can't because i tune her out so extremely. when she's not in the house, she's calling again and again and again all day long. today i counted and she called the house phone 5x, and then my personal phone 2x. for a total of seven phone calls.

after all of those calls, she came in. she brought in an instructional video on the art of anal massage, which she turned on and made us three girls to watch. parked on the lumpy couch with my two-workers, i felt like i was in some kind of crappy home-school program. in this kind of institutional setting, my inner wise-ass naturally comes out and before i knew it i was heckling the video's actors and making inappropriate jokes, to my co-workers' delight and to jane's annoyance.

i disliked watching the tape. i felt uncomfortable watching disembodied un-manicured hands massaging some guy's white doughy ass. and the sound effects were gross. don't i have to listen to enough male moaning and groaning already? SHUT UP, you know?

last night this old friend of mine was passing through town on a motorcycle trip and she texted me to see if she could stay the night. i've known her for 12 years, what was i gonna say, no? so of course i said she could stay. but i don't have a couch, so when people stay over they have to sleep in my bed with me. i'm very much a solo sleeper. i don't sleep well with people who are not my girlfriend. there are a few exceptions to this, but for the most part i very much dislike sleeping with people because i toss and turn and am constantly aware of this foreign body in the bed with me. plus it was friday night and i live on a loud busy street that's crawling with drunken revelers until all hours. so today i was tired all day and my fuse was a bit short in general. once jane arrived, all i could think about was how much i wanted to leave. finally 6:30 rolled around and i was out of there. and now i'm home. eating chocolate and drinking wine. gonna get drunk and pass out. goodnight!

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