Monday, September 21, 2009

my "sweet lemonade."

i'm on vacation. it's so nice. yesterday i swam with my sister and sky in barton springs in austin, texas. it was refreshing and dreamy.

i'm drinking coffee right now, my favorite part of the day. quiet coffee time, checking email, writing down ideas, making lists. anyway i figured a good way to keep my clients might be to check my work email once in a while on vacation and actually read them and write back.

here's the kind of emails i get. just to give you an idea:

--- On Sat, 9/19/09, MIKE SO-AND-SO wrote:

From: ---- <>
Subject: I Miss You!
Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009, 8:12 AM

Hi andi,

How are you?

Do you remember me, I had nice massage and shower session with you!

I miss you!

I am sorry to be very busy lately, but should return shortly.

I really need to see you...of any girl I have been with, you have the sweetest and best tasting pee...oooh, I need your pee, really turns me on, hot and kinky!

Only request next time is that you squat, spray your sweet pee directly in my mouth...don't want to miss a drop of your sweet lemonade!

PS - Nice new photos, you are nice and pretty girl...wish I had a GF like you, get my sweet pee daily...oooh, very hot and kinky!

Take care and have a nice weekend,
to which i responded:
hi mike, of course i remember you! are you still traveling in asia? i loved peeing in your mouth, i coudn't believe how much pee you were able to drink. HOT!

i'm on vacation seeing family and friends for another week but i will be back in SF next monday (sept 28). i'd love to squat in your face and spray my honey juice directly down your throat.

hope to see you soon, naughty sweetheart! xoxoxox andi

i wrote about this guy before, the one who looked un-dead, but ended up being really nice. but kind of gross as he bragged about all the chicks he attracted in china.

well, gonna go swimming again and have breakfast tacos and pillage the thrift stores.

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