Friday, September 4, 2009

the reading rainbow gets sexual.

so. it seems that jane has become a permanent fixture of this here job. boo hoo. boo hiss. it feels kind of gross to have someone hogging the lumpy couch all day, just sitting on their ass waiting for you to make money for them. what a slug.

there was a nice hour of morning today, though, before she came in. it was just me and the new girl jenny. it was quiet. i was glad because i had such a stomachache today.

my first client was a HELLLLLLLLLA geeky chinese guy who was a little cross-eyed when he took off his glasses, and he had these oversized bugs bunny teeth. he was really interesting to talk to. i liked him a lot. he brought me a gift of 35 pages of data he's collected and catalogued about fbsm (how to, different cock stroking techniques, etc.). he said he knew i was a bit new and might find it useful. i thought that was very thoughtful.

this guy and i had a lot to talk about. he reads a lot, like i do, and we've read a lot of the same books. i have read a lot of contemporary chinese fiction, though, and he hasn't read ANY because he said he felt weird reading it in english, but doesn't speak (or read) chinese. but we share a lot of other favorite books. we both really like octavia butler, margaret atwood, neil gaiman, and william gibson. more litty sci-fi stuff. he convinced me that i have to go to comicon next year. i've been kicking the idea around for a while. but it was his description of it as "a burning man for geeks" that sold me on the idea. i think it would just be REALLY REALLLLLY interesting.

i told him how sky and i have decided to give the game "magic: the gathering" a try and he got so excited he nearly fell off the massage table. 

the next guy was a guy i'd seen before. really doughy. like absolutely no muscles. kind of yucky. and really handsy. i'm not going to see him again unless it's the slowest day in the world.

then another book nerd! this one wasn't as great as the first one, though, because he had this guilt-ridden story about how he's married and his wife hates sex and p.s. she's pregnant and is giving birth tomorrow. oh jeez.

but once i kind of dissuaded him from talking about that any more, he just talked a lot about how he's a writer and he writes a lot of screenplays and he loves writing them and reading them because they're really minimal. he'd read more books if books were more minimal, he's lost all patience for excessive description or slow-moving plots. i suggested he read raymond carver. it turns out that's his favorite author. he seemed pleasantly surprised that i have a brain in my pretty head. (fuck you but thanks for the money and please keep it coming.) he said, "what's your favorite raymond carver story?" i told him i really liked "will you please stop talking please" and "cathedral." his favorite two as well. i asked him what was his favorite non-raymond-carver book. without hesitation, he said, "the shipping news." which is one of MY top 3 favorite books of all time. i didn't tell him that, though--i didn't want him to think we had a love connection. yeah. so he was nice.

and then it was night-time and as i was walking home i was so exhausted and hungry and nothing sounded good to eat except for something i haven't had in a REALLY long time: a taco bell bean burrito. i'm pretty disgusted that i gave in to that thoroughly random temptation. it was kind of insanely delicious, though, if you really want to know. i got it without the cheese and with guacamole. totally grody. and yet.

three days off now! woo hoo.

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