Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just keep working.

it felt great not to go to work today at that grubby whack shack. i didn't set an alarm, just woke up when my body felt like waking up. 9:30 today. drank coffee and whatnot, and then my co-worker angie (i mean ex-co-worker, i keep forgetting that we both got fired yesterday!) called to say that she and lily had booked a hotel in a nice part of downtown for the day and that if i wanted to go in on it with them i could use it too. so i put my ad up and booked two appointments, one at 5:15 and one at 7. i love when they are back to back like that with just a tiny bit of time in between to freshen up.

i went about my day, went to the gym, cleaned my house, read, made lunch. and then took the train downtown. i'm going to a wedding this weekend and i don't have anything to wear, so i looked for a dress for a few minutes. but i had gotten downtown too late to really look so i felt rushed and didn't find anything.

i got to the hotel about twenty minutes before my first appointment was to arrive. the room was nice. simple, but classy. i talked with angie for a bit. she was leaving to take an appointment at the hot tubs. 

right before my first guy came, i realized i had forgotten my ipod. this room, like a lot of hotel rooms nowadays, had a clock radio with a cable sticking out of them that you can plug an ipod into. but you need an ipod. duh. i texted my guy to see if he had an ipod.

he arrived. he didn't have an ipod, but he did have an iphone so we used that instead. i let him choose the music and he chose chris isaak. enjoyable for a few minutes, but then a little.... something. a little grating, maybe?

anyway my guy was nice, but hard of hearing so once he took out his hearing aids it was a little boring. i tried talking to him a bit but you really had to yell in order for him to hear anything, and dirty talk-yelling just feels crazy. plus i didn't want hallway passersby to hear. so it was mostly just quiet. the guy's skin was bad. super pimply. excessive backne. i didn't like touching it. but he was so nice and seemed to be having a good time so i tried to put it out of my mind. when i turned him over, he wanted a lot of body-on-body massage, but he had drizzled pre-cum all over himself and i didn't want to slip-n-slide in it. blech. so i just put my pussy in his face and gave him a really enthusiastic jack-off and he came and we were done with it.

oh! do you wanna know a funny thing about this guy? when i told him where the hotel was he seemed really put out and complained that it would be hard to find parking. i didn't want him to cancel so i told him i'd give him a discount for parking money. then when he got there, he told me that he'd had to pay ten dollars, so he took it out of my donation. he was already getting the "new client" special (which is $20 off). what a cheapskate. to nickel and dime a working girl. jeez.

my other client was a very good-looking asian guy with a wild asymmetrical haircut that would've looked choady on most guys, but worked on him because his hair was just thick enough and coarse enough and black enough to pull it off. of course, he was wearing an ed hardy t-shirt, which sort of cancelled out the good hair.

this guy also had an iphone. he chose thievery corporation for us to listen to. i hadn't heard much of them before, but i really liked it. i made a mental note to download their album for massage purposes only.

after he got the music sorted, i asked that we take care of the business before the pleasure. as the guy was handing me a money envelope, he confessed that this was his first time doing this sort of thing. i didn't really believe him, but then again maybe i did. i'm still not sure, but i ultimately don't really care one way or the other.

he took a shower and then i massaged him. as if to make up for the first guy, this guy's skin was probably the smoothest skin i've ever felt on a guy. it felt nice to the touch. when it was time for the sexy part, he was super receptive and it was easy to make him happy. his dick had looked very small when he undressed, almost pediatric in its flaccid state. but it was a grower, not a shower. it became totally average, even on the big side of average, when he was excited.

we finished up and i put him back in the shower. when he left i realized that i hadn't looked in the envelope he'd handed me. i panicked a little, i never forget to count the money. but inside were two crisp $100 bills. rad! i was so happy that he didn't take me up on the new client special and, instead, tipped $20.

after the guy left, i tidied up the room, tried to make it look like no monkey business had taken place there. and i texted angie to tell her i was leaving. she was down the hill, at sephora. i stopped in on my way out of downtown. she was trying on makeup and seemed really at peace being surrounded by the things that she loves. she said that she was experiencing inner turmoil, though. she said at first her reaction to being fired was "fuck you guys anyway!" but that now that the reality of it set in, she was hurt and bummed. "i liked the consistency of it," she said. i told her i could relate.  "it was predictable," she continued. "not how many clients you'd get or how much money you'd make, but just the environment of it. it was your job and you went to it, you know? and you had your little spot where you kept your makeup bag. and around the corner was where you got your lunch after you made some money."

"i know," i said. "i feel a little bummed about that, too. but i also feel so relieved. do you?"

"yeah," she said. "those was some CRAZY BITCHES!"

we hugged goodbye and then sky came to pick me up and we went to a friend's birthday party. on our way i was telling him how i made some money and i was so relieved that i wouldn't have to be penniless on our trip. he said, "it's funny how you got fired and just kept working."

i guess it is kind of funny, but i mean what else do you do? i woke up broke and now i have a bit of money. you just keep working.

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