Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cherry poppin bulldaggers

the client i used to see in NY really liked when i told him stories about my sexual escapades. he loved that i look like a nice girl-next-door but have this secret wild sex life that hardly anybody but him gets to hear about. well, since i don't REALLY have a wild sex life, 99% of the stories i told him were made-up, but once in a while i'd be too tired or lazy to make up a story so i'd tell him a real one. one day i found myself telling him the story of getting my cherry busted, and i was annoyed with myself for being so lazy as to sully a story so dear to my heart by offering it to him while jerking him off. so, needing to take it back for myself, i wrote it down. since i'm not working this week, i'm sharing it with you today. happy reading. xo andi


once before i had ever had any sex, i went in for my first gynecological exam and the nurse practitioner couldn't get the speculum to go in, so she lubed me up and tried to force it.

"OUCH," i said, "what are you doing--stop it!"

she said, "well, it has to go SOMEtime."

"what does?" and then it occurred to me that she was talking about my hymen, and that she was not only talking about my hymen, but she was trying to bust through it with a speculum.

"today is NOT the day where i get my cherry popped by a gynecologist," i said, pulling my feet from the stirrups and hopping down from the table.

"well," she said, "you've got an 'abnormally intact' hymen and i'm not going to be able to get a good look inside till it's gone." she went on to inform me that trying to bust it loose was going to KILL. she suggested that i make an appointment to have her cut it out for me.

"i don't think i'm going to do that," i said. "i think i'll just get rid of it the old-fashioned way."

i left the clinic feeling like a freak, but at least i could finally understand why i hadn't ever been able to successfully insert a tampon. i had tried to follow the simple instructions on the box, but my vag just seemed to be a weirdo and it would never go in.

well, eventually i finally started having girlfriends, and while the sex we had was fun, it was definitely pretty lesbionic. which is to say that it was girly and sweet and non-penetrative. a girlfriend would try to slip a finger or two in but it would hurt a lot and there didn't seem to be anywhere for the fingers to go. i would mostly get off by fucking girls and strategically positioning myself against their legs or hip-bones for clit friction. this was fun, but i remember feeling like there was an inner chamber inside of me that wanted to be explored, but there heavy gate that was locked with no key. i know this is a cheesy description, but i can clearly remember that that's how i thought of it in those baby dyke days--i really pictured my pussy like a dark empty room that would be a nice cozy place if anybody was able to break in there and turn on the light.

and then i moved to san francisco. and met a really hot girl. she was very much a San Francisco Butch, all tough and covered in tattoos, and i was SUPER hot for her. my self-esteem wasn't great at the time and i was used to rarely getting what i wanted. so you can imagine my surprise when the crush turned out to be mutual. i used to go see her at the cafe where she worked. i was penniless and she'd give me coffee and things to eat. i sort of fell in love with her. she wasn't in love with me, but i think i had a "fresh off the boat" thing going that she was into.

we ended up having sex and she tried to fuck me but couldn't. so she went down on me and got me off that way.

afterward, when i was lying in her bed and she was sitting on the floor having a smoke (i didn't used to care so much whether people smoked) she looked at me appraisingly and said, between puffs, "so. what's the deal with you?"

i was caught off-guard. believe it or not, i hadn't ever talked about my hymen with anyone. "what do you mean?" i asked.

"i think you know what i mean. ...don't you?"

i DID think i knew what she meant, but then i felt scared and unsure. what if i launched into an explanation about my abnormally intact hymen and it turned out she was talking about something else entirely, like "was that good for you?" or "are you hungry?"

"um..." i floundered.

"you know. before, when i was trying to fuck you..." she offered.

"oh that," i said, my face blushing hot red. "yeah. um. well..."

"yes?" she encouraged, her cigarette dangling from her lip.

"yes. um. well," i began again. "so i have this um, 'abnormally intact' hymen."

she looked at me for the longest time. finally, she said, "and you haven't ever thought about trying to bust it?"

"well, i mean... i think it's gonna hurt too much to do it myself. and the girls i've dated have all been sort of... gentle?"

she just kept looking at me. it was hard to read her expression at first, but then i saw that she seemed happy. almost like someone who had just won a prize. she stubbed out her cigarette, suddenly full of purpose. she stood up on her knees and grabbed onto my hips, pulling me until my ass was dangling off the bed and my pussy was in her face. "well," she said, pushing my panties to the side, and prodding my hymen with her tongue. "do you think you might be ready to let it go?"

"well, i think. i mean, do you think you could DO it?"

"i can do it," she said.

"really?" i asked. "i mean, do you WANT to do it?"

"yes," she said, her voice getting husky. "i want to do it."

i couldn't get my head around it. it seemed like a big gross ordeal, not like something the hottest girl i'd ever met would feel like getting into with me. "wow. um, really?" i asked again.

"popping a girl's cherry is like every guy's number one fantasy. and i've never gotten to do it. i mean, not like this," she said. "so yes. i want to do it."

"well, since you put it that way," i said.

and so we tried. for the whole rest of the day. she'd go down on me, suck on my tits, just get me as hot as possible and then she'd try and finger-bang me. she'd go little by little and i'd try to take it, but eventually i'd be screaming in pain and we'd take a break. then we'd make out for a while, i'd calm down, and we'd start again, getting a little farther each time. when i say we'd get a little farther, i don't mean that her fingers were going farther into my pussy, i mean that that thick layer of skin was getting more and more flexible. little by little, it was stretching. my cunt could feel her fingers through the skin, which was a brand-new sensation.

eventually we passed out. but the next day, we woke up, brushed our teeth, and scrambled back into bed. sometime mid-morning, i was screaming in pain, telling her to stop! stop! but she wouldn't, she just kept inflicting me with this searing, stabbing pain. it felt like i was being cut open with a knife. you might think i'm exaggerating, but i'm not. at some point the pain gave way to a feeling of numb electricity. "i just punched through part of it," she said. "i have a finger inside you."

some more fucking, some more screaming. and then... this feeling like a dam was breaking. i felt a "pop" and then a "whoooosh" as she rammed three whole fingers inside me.

"oh my GOD!" i screamed. "FUCK. don't stop!" the pain was INSANE, but it was also the greatest pleasure i'd ever felt. she fucked me like i had never, ever even known was possible. she was an animal. we both were. my blood was everywhere. we were on the floor on a white sheepskin rug that was so covered in my blood it had to be thrown out onto the street later. she was huffing and growling in my ear, biting my neck, bruising my arms, leaving her marks all over me. her sweat was dripping into my mouth and she didn't get tired, she fucked me harder and deeper. "don't come yet," she'd say when i was about to, and she'd slow down. she knew exactly what to do to keep me on the brink, and i knew that there was no coming without her say-so.

finally i couldn't take it anymore, i was at some sort of breaking point. all hell had already broken loose but i was afraid of slipping any farther down that rabbit hole. she made me beg and when i did, it was for real. when i came, i didn't care about looking hot or sane or the neighbors or anything: i fucking HOWLED. and as the orgasm pounded its way out from deep within my pussy to the tips of my toes, i knew i was changed. i felt like my life was beginning.


  1. this is a great story! I wish i'd been there to see you read it aloud. Rats. btw have you heard ali's story about breaking her hymen?

    "Eek, eek, that's the sound of marking pen writing on the page. ... Eek, eek, that's the sound I made when the marking pen went through my hymen. ..."

  2. thanks njg! i will have to check out ali's story. i LOVE her writing.