Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i took a nap today and dreamt that i was taking a bubble bath. i was relaxed, and the stock images i employ for solo sexy time were floating by on the wall, as if by projector. i became really turned on and so i reached down to jerk off. but instead of my pussy, i had a dick. a really big good-looking one. i wasn't freaked out, it actually felt like some sort of natural progression, i'm not sure what that means, but that's how it felt--like it was something i was supposed to eventually have, and now i had it. i kept my erection for a long time, employing the tantric moves i've learned to help guys keep theirs. when i was ready to come, i was full of wonderment, i really had no idea how it would feel and i had the feeling it might only be this once, so i should pay attention. it felt like a wild explosion, but not so different from the orgasms i have with my girl body. the thing that was amazing, though, was ejaculating! i shot a giant wad and caught as much of it as i could in my hand. i was scared to smell it, if it smelled like man cum, i was going to be disgusted and then this marvelous dream would be marred. and so it was with trepidation that i brought my cum-filled hand to my nose and sniffed. it smelled great! like pussy. i was tempted to see if it tasted good, too, but i didn't want to test my luck.

what does it all mean?

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