Sunday, March 14, 2010

like riding a bicycle

some pictures for you. clockwise, from left: 1. the view from the window of the massage studio. when i look out at night, it feels glamorous to me. 2. my favorite co-worker. we have basically the exact same body besides those tits--everyone agrees. it's strange and sweet to see arms and legs and a butt that so closely mirror my own. i mean, i have an identical twin sister, but other than her, i hadn't ever known anyone who looked so much like me. 3. so many victoria's secret dogs everywhere! you know how they give them out free? well all the girls in the house spend a lot of money there so we have SO MANY of dogs. here are two of probably twenty. 4. our cubbies. mine's the one with the white makeup case with all different colored hearts. it's my favorite makeup case i've ever had. it's one of those items that make me happy every time i use it. you know that aesthetically pleased feeling?

annnnnnyway... yesterday after i wrote, i went to get a colonic. as i was leaving my appointment i got a call from PJ, who is my cleanest, easiest client of all time. just a mellow, happy guy who doesn't talk too much and is very responsive. always tells me how gorgeous i am and how much he loves my touch. i had pretty much decided not to see anybody yesterday but since it was PJ i figured, "why not?" it made it seem like the colonic had been free, and also drinks and cabs later when i went out.

so. i headed over to the apartment. when i got there things were quiet but i could hear orgasmic groaning coming from the red room. (we have two rooms: the "red room," and the "big room." most girls prefer the red room because it's darker and so you can get away with being hungover or significantly older than your pictures indicate. i like the big room better because there are lots of windows and the massage table is sturdier.)

i set up the room, lit the candles, slapped on some lipstick and was ready in 15 minutes. PJ was exactly on time. we had our hour, i saw him off, showered, and then i was free to leave with some chump change in my purse.

when i was dressed and ready to go, my favorite co-worker emerged from the red room. i had almost forgotten how much i adore her. she's just... rad. (i've written about her before, i think i called her "rachel.") so i put my purse down for a while and lounged on the couch with her. my sweet work crush. i totally don't want to fuck her or even make out with her, i just like being around her and i want to have her giant mane of powdery-smelling hair all over me. and i love the way her voice sounds--it makes me feel happy. i think what the thing is, is that when i first started at this place and i was nervous because it seemed so different from the trolls' dump, she picked me for her best work friend and was just super sweet to me all the time. she'd mix us cocktails to drink poolside, or we'd lay on the couches between clients and laugh. we got excited to see each other all the time and it hasn't worn off.

later, i went out and saw all my friends. i was overcome with nostalgia and love and missing this town. but later i ended up getting really drunk and staying out all night, and i remembered why it's not super great for me to be here all the time. it's really just Too Much Fun here. and all my friends (except for sky) are party animals. i have been enjoying clean living up north and i'm not at all sad to go back there in a bit. rather: i'm stoked!

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