Tuesday, March 2, 2010

kitty cat.

i worked yesterday and it was uneventful, but lucrative. slow and steady, which is fine. i asked my boss whether i was on her shit-list, since yesterday was the only shift i got for the whole week. she seemed surprised. looking over the schedule, she said, "really? i'm sure you're on here somewhere, i thought i gave you saturday night. oh. you're right, today's it. i'm sorry honey, i'll make it up to you next week." so. that's promising. she's a little flighty, who knows whether she'll remember this conversation when she's making the schedule. i hope she does.

oh a funny thing happened the other night that i forgot to mention. so my boss has a daughter who bartends on the weekends and the other night i tried to hustle her husband. he's really good looking and appeared to be sitting at the bar alone so i went up to him and leaned all over him, running my hand through his hair and nuzzling into his neck to whisper in his ear, "how'd you like a little kitty cat purring in your lap?"

he goes, "haha. um. well i'd love that. but i'm a married man. my wife's right there," he said, gesturing to the bartender, who was busy making drinks for customers. i felt lucky that she hadn't been watching. i undraped myself from him and said, "oh. haha. sorry." and kind of flounced away. i'm sure they laughed about it when they got home.

today i was feeling really bummed that i wouldn't be making any more money for the whole rest of the week, but then a girl i know from down south called to tell me she's coming up here for a job (she's a prop and wardrobe stylist) and will need an assistant. perfect. so i'll be doing that for 4 days. it's only $200 per day and you work ten hours, but it's interesting work and the girl is fun. this shoot is going to be with the wrestlers of WWE! i'm pretty excited. i'm going to try and find a way to bring my kid brother to the set one day because he's a HUGE wrestling fan. i've been neglecting him since i got up here, i need to think of some ways to make it up to him, and introducing him to his heroes seems like a good place to start.

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