Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i'm so tired, and yet so annoyingly awake. i just returned from a lovely post-work meatball date with a friend from down south. when i got home, there was a chocolate bar for sharing on the kitchen table. i ate a lot of it. and now, dear diary, i am awake.

today was a slow day at work. it was sunny and warm outside, so not great for business. but i worked with a girl i like a lot, and also my favorite bartender, so that was nice. i was getting used to the idea that i wasn't going to make any money, but then after dinnertime it picked up a little. i got a couple of good customers and was able to leave with $225, not great but better than it could have been.

the customers today were all at least slightly weird. there is a guy who comes in and eats the world's largest burrito at the tip rack. i kind of hate him. and i don't know why he thinks it's okay to talk with his mouth full.

there was a guy who told me he was a werewolf. he wasn't kidding.

and one of the guys who bought dances was SO GROSS. he was wearing sweatpants, which i usually try to avoid, but since it was slow i made an exception. this guy kept talking a lot. just normal shit at first, like, "you're making me so hard." but then nasty stuff too, like he said, "if that curtain was black insteada dark red (referring to the shabby curtain that hangs between the table dance nook and the rest of the bar) i'd be fucking you upside down and sideways." i was like, "uh. don't be so sure about that." he goes, "even the biggest, most professional-wrestler bouncer couldn't keep me offa you."

nothing like being saved from potential rape by having the wrong color curtain in your lapdance nook. what a weirdo.

also the slow guy was there today, the handyman who has a crush on me. i wish he wouldn't ever caress my shoulder again, ever.

but other than that: totally okay. i liked getting off work and meeting an old pal for meatballs. YUM.

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  1. The werewolf thing made me lol forever! Thanks Andi :D