Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mellow monday

work was great last night. it wasn't super busy, just steady. i only made $250 after tip-out, which was surprising for a minute, but when you think about it, $50 per hour is a great amount of money to make. especially when you consider 90% of the world's workforce, who work for so much less than that. sometimes i see such cute girls working at places like target, and i think, "you want me to turn you out, honey?" i mean, you've already got your stage make-up on and you've somehow managed to hoochify your target uniform. but i don't want to be a creep.

the reason work was great was i was in a really good, mellow mood. i had this warm, sexy feeling and it radiated outward. i can be overly languid onstage sometimes, but nobody seems to mind. i'm tempted sometimes to rev things up, but when i feel relaxed i tend to just settle into it.

i didn't give many dances last night. i felt too lazy to hustle. but i am proud to tell you that i did dance on the lap of the #1 powerlifting champ of missouri. he was in town for a physics convention.

a crew of work-buddies came in and as soon as they saw me they started going nuts. apparently i look "exactly" like their hot co-worker, rachel. they blinked in disbelief at the resemblance. i wish they'd had a picture of this doppelganger so i could tell you if we really do look alike. they tipped so well that i'm inclined to take their word for it.

the only thing i didn't like about last night is that the club has this developmentally delayed handyman/lackey and he's started really giving me The Eye. i don't like that. it feels unprofessional. he kept lurking around the stock room, smiling at me through the chain-link fence that separates it from the dressing room. all the more reason to stay up on the floor, i guess. when he was leaving for the night, he caressed my shoulder and goes, "bye andi," and did a weird lip licking thing that could best be described as "yucky." oh, why me.

i fell asleep in the cab and when i woke up the cabbie had passed my house, but only by two blocks so i wasn't very mad.

i slept like a rock but got up early because my housemate was eating a giant bowl of cereal. he likes to stand at the edge of the kitchen and munch man-sized mixing bowls of cereal, and since my room's next to the kitchen it sounds like he's eating in bed with me. i couldn't get back to sleep after that, but it's not like i have anything terribly important to do today. i'm going to yoga, and then looking forward to reading on the couch and napping with the cat.

OH! and LOST is on tonight!!! YES

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