Sunday, March 21, 2010

yesterday i had the best day i've had in a long time. i woke up and had breakfast with a new friend. nettles we had collected in the woods, and eggs from their backyard hens. the nettles were soft and tasty, like spinach but milder and more aromatic. the eggs were the best i've ever eaten, their yolks a nice dark yellowish orange. they looked like easter eggs before we cracked them (see left).

then i went for a walk in the sunshine. it was warm and beautiful. i had some chocolate, bought eyelashes, and then went to work. i was in a good, mellow mood all day so i felt effortlessly friendly and made over $300, which i think is pretty good for an afternoon/early evening shift. i bruised my inner thigh on the pole and it looks gross.

when i got off at almost ten, it was dark but still warm-ish. i walked through downtown and across the bridge to go two-stepping. my body felt tired and rubbery like it needed to be set down on a soft shelf for a rest. but there was a sweet person wanting to dance with me, so i danced and it was lovely.

i'm off today. and tomorrow. gonna go to the movies and work on my quilt and sweat at yoga and do some writing. exciting stuff, people: EXCITING STUFF!

this was definitely a more interesting blog when i had those crazy pimp/trolls to bitch about, and when i was yanking on the dicks of strange men all day. but i'm happy to be chilling for a minute so i don't mind the side-effect of this blog taking a turn for the boring. i'll let you know when anything exciting happens, though. i promise.

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