Sunday, March 28, 2010

so much for anonymity.

i got a facebook friend request yesterday from a guy whose name didn't sound familiar, but whose face i totally recognized but couldn't place. i figured he must be a friend of a friend, probably a fag i know peripherally but whose name i didn't remember. i thought about how easily i forget boys' names, but how i will never in a million years forget the name of girl, particularly a hot one. so i looked at his face, and name, and face, and name, accepted his request, and resolved to call him by name next time i saw him out at a club or whatever.

then this morning i woke up and apropos of nothing, this guys face popped into my mind and i knew where i knew him from: he was a massage client! not awesome.


  1. This is not something frightening for you?

  2. it totally freaked me out. i was saying "awesome" ironically, but hard to insert tone sometimes. just edited it to say NOT AWESOME. haha.